WorkWave Route Manager

Route Optimization Software
For Your Delivery Business
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Operational Efficiency With Routing Simplicity

Route Manager provides a unique approach to route optimization that increases profitability by reducing operational costs, generates more revenue by freeing up time for more daily driver stops, and improves logistical operations by increasing efficiency.
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Click through the flowchart below to see how WorkWave Route Manager optimizes operations at every stage.

Create Profiles

Easily generate your depots & vehicles

Getting started with WorkWave Route Manager is as easy as creating depots (or your starting points), building vehicle profiles, adding your drivers and uploading your routes.
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Manage Orders

Import Orders via Excel/.CSV

Connect directly to any existing order generating or back office system, and have the ability to build and update routes as soon as an order is placed from an existing customer portal in our routing program.
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Plan Routers

Build, Review, Optimize & Approve Routes

Automate the entire route planning process. From initial order entry to delivery, equip your workforce to track and optimize routes in real-time as changes occur, and complete the job on-time.
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Dispatch to Mobile

Dispatch Routes to Drivers’ Mobile Devices

Send routes to any driver, anywhere. Automatically dispatch daily truck routes to your employees’ mobile phones and reduce the need for paper printouts or manual entry into a GPS device.
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Arrivals & Departures

Receive Update from Drivers (RM 360)

Keep track of operations and visualize the day’s progressions by instantly receiving an update when a driver arrives or departs from a stop with the WorkWave Route Manager 360 app.
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Track via GPS

Constant visibility into vehicle locations

Obtain insight into where your fleet is at all times via hardwired GPS technology. Enhance back office visibility into field operations, and improve communication with your drivers by immediately notifying them of any changes via text or email, as well as obtain workday, work-week or interstate data for easy reporting.
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Customer Notifications

Send Route Changes to Drivers (RM 360)

Keeping tabs on routes pays off. With the WorkWave Route Manager 360 app dispatchers can stay connected to drivers throughout the day. Follow the progress of routes to make real-time changes and improve communication.
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Measure Analytics

Transparency Into Business Performance

Are you meeting your goals? What accomplishments are you achieving? Easily gauge your company’s efficiency by seamlessly importing and exporting data, and eliminate the unnecessary steps and paperwork.
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Driver Mobile App

Take Full Control Of The Last Mile!

To increase transparency and delight your end customers, our Route Manager 360 solution includes the Driver Mobile App, Virtual Tracking, Proof of Delivery, and delivery validation through Barcode Scanning; it’s a must-have for any business looking to take full control of their last mile!
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Conquer the Last Mile With Route Optimization Software

No matter the size of your fleet, WorkWave Route Manager helps you streamline your operations and makes it easy for your employees to deliver orders and next-level customer service each and every time.

Your Team

Your Team

  • Effortlessly schedule and dispatch your techs & teams
  • Real time trackings & work from anywhere
  • Field workload automation with an easy-to-use mobile app
Your Customers

Your Customers

  • Eliminate complexity of operations
  • Deliver next-level customer service to your clients
Your Business

Your Business

  • Increase workforce capacity
  • Fulfill more orders in a shorter period of time
  • Earn more revenue
  • Show your customers they can count on you
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Improve Your Profitability and Meet Your Full Potential

  • Automate delivery routes in minutes
  • Maintain visibility & increase accountability
  • Meet customer requests & exceed expectations
Improve Your Profitability and Meet Your Full Potential